corona grossa

residence & suites

Ancient memories wind their way through the arcades of Corona Grossa Residence; memories of a bygone world of silence and calm. The heart of the building, in fact, was home to the old convent of the adjacent church of Saint Sudario, whose bell tower still dominates the large internal courtyard.

Between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with the closure of the convent, a new life begins for the complex which becomes an inn with “excellent cooking service, electrical light, horses and carriages”, as a leaflet of the time recites.

In 1917 it was purchased by the grandparents, Michele and Fernanda Fiorito, and a long tradition of high-class cuisine begins. Over time the building enlarges and renews itself, becoming hotel and finally Residence. Corona Grossa has experienced a long journey; it is deeply rooted in the past but it looks forward to the future with passion and enthusiasm.

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